Best way to Plan Your Visual Content Marketing Strategy
You are putting superb text on your articles, but somehow you also feel an urge for more. To get more traffic and engagement, you should attract your reader by enhancing your content. Still worried how to enhance?

Get noticed by enchanting techniques of visual content. Images and videos have become ‘universal language’ now. Social support systems are flooded by visual revolution and captivating users greater than before.

How important are images for your content marketing strategies? Here are some reasons:

Statics say that most of the transmitted information (90%) is visual in the human brain

According to 3M Corporation, research says, human brain processes images 60, 000 periods faster

The things we all see has a deep effect on us

Your content will get more views, likes, shares, retweets

On social networks, engagement rate is higher for visual content
55% of users who else view a page spend less than 15 seconds looking at it. You have to make sure to impress your viewers in less than 15 seconds!
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Here is how you can plan an effective visual content marketing strategy.

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1 . Manage Your Goal regarding Visual Content

Very first, you need to identify:

Exactly why do you want to use visual content for your marketing strategy?

How will visual content help you?

What do you want to achieve by using this visual content marketing strategy?

Possible answers may be:

To educate your readers

Increase engagement

Promote your brand

Boost your service

Bring more leads

Analyse your previous marketing strategy and measure what type of articles you created just before and what was the influence of that marketing strategy. Did your effort bring more views, likes, gives, profits, referrals? To track this information you can use Google Analytics and evaluate.

2 . Think About the Stats

The survey business lead by Software Suggestions and Adobe shows tactics for customizing content. Take a look at it:
It is evident from this study that using images or photos are playing a vital role:

65% of senior marketing and advertising executives believe that images, videos and drawings and infographics are core to communicate their brand stories with the audience. (Source)

73% of articles creators give importance to create engaging articles

55% content designers are prioritizing visual content in 2016. (Source)

3. Give Your Readers a Visual Break

Your images are like oxygen for your readers. Let them breathe in between reading paragraphs and feel to motivate read more.

To do that you can use:



Customized images





No matter what visual form you like to use just add an alt tag to it. By doing it, you will make your images easier to find with the browser and search engines. It will improve your position on the browser.

Make certain NOT to overwhelm with text! Founder of Social Triggers, Derek Halpern noticed a psychological effect when we read fewer character per lines beside an image, then it is usually:

Easier to read

Text appears smoother
Numerous people don’t want to read, they check. Add some variation by changing font size. By adding font size variation and incorporating images you can make your content scannable by the viewers.

4. Post High-Quality Images

Featured Images

Utilize a featured image at the outset of your content. It will capture the attention of your viewers and inspire visitors to stay.

Besides, you can choose style how you want to apply the image:

Your image can span the thickness of the post

Half width image

Wrap text around the featured image

Social Media Blogposts

Images that you write-up on your social media feed are very important, as your brand’s image depends on it. On social media marketing use your own customized photos or utilize the stock images. Readers like to read text combined with visuals. An image overlay with text is getting popular day by day. When you put your text on a picture, readers likely to feel more interested.

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5. Video Content

Generate Short and Inspiring Videos
Statistics demonstrates short videos (length less than 60 seconds) get 40% more engagement on social media marketing. You can present the everyday problems and show how your products can offer a solution, how-to videos or Q&A videos. Make sure your movies are inspiring and motivating your viewers.

Be Consistent
Generate and use enough video to stay connected. People are always hungry for up-to-dates details. Gradually increase the amount of your video to publish to get more traffic.

6. Target the Latest Developments

Create your content focusing on latest trends. It will give you more engagement, more eyes in your social platform. Just make sure you tag the relevant specialized niche.
For example , GIFs are becoming widely popular. Bring some change to the way you are communicating with your audience. With all the online tools like GIPHY, GIMP, LICEcap, you can create your own personal GIFs fast with little effort. Make your readers and followers smile and feel light hearted. It will leave an effect and make the reader feel to keep in touch with you.

7. Infographics

In order to grow your traffic and referral links, then try to invest in an infographic which has became very popular. From 2014 to 2015 infographics were used by B2B marketers up to 62%. It may look difficult but can deliver information efficiently with visual.

The infographic must include the right colors, fonts, and shapes to present your data. Make sure that all the facts about the infographic is usually accurate and relevant to the topic. Also, reveal your infographic on different social media platforms. This will bring more traffic to your site. For Example , take a look at this image:

This infographic shows you why infographics work. Put images and statistics in your infographic with a very clear information and neat look.

Some tools to create infographic:






8. On-Site Photo Gallery

In order to give your viewers a memorable experience create an on-site photo gallery. People need to see everything you offer in order to believe. It helps you to describe your service and goal. Besides, it’s useful for landing web pages too.

9. Use Social media marketing Platforms to Utilize on Visual Impact

Promote your visual creations on several social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Keep in mind that your content goes with the nature, type and meaning of your platform. It will help when you are backlinking back the blog blogposts to get noticed by a huge number of the group while sharing on Facebook as an image and as a video on Twitter.

However , you have to balance between effort and time to create your desired content. Besides, you need to know where and how usually you should post articles.

Slideshare: LinkedIn has SlideShare, and it is used by millions of well-known brand names to share their details and for communicating with customers. Make sure your slide includes your brand logo and personalized images. For businesses, it’s a lead generation tool and brand light fixture too.

Pinterest: Pinterest helps you to be arranged making a visual method. It helps your content end up being visible and move viral on social media marketing. Include image name, board name. People will interact with you by re-pinning and commenting. You can start the conversation by generating different boards relevant to your brand.

Facebook: An article with the image on Facebook got 64. 9 periods share than with out pictures. 2, 460, 000 posts contributed in this platform in each 60 seconds. Don’t make your post promotional on Facebook. Ensure it is relevant and convincing.

Twitter: Think about 277, 000 tweets on Twitter on every single second and share your visual content or customize posts on Twitter. You even can share Slideshare links on Twitter, which can add some variety to your tweets.

Instagram: It passed 300 million user mark at the end of 2014, and each time, an average 70 million photos are submitted and shared. To engage your audience, Instagram will help you by increasing your visibility and provide more opportunities through the social network.

Tumblr: It gives your brand a designated personality, looks, and voice. Tumblr offers you the freedom to distribute different types of blogposts.

It’s just well suited for the visual storytelling to engage active users. You can share here GIFs, Quotes, audios, videos and so on.

Snapchat: It lets you get to know the real-time story with snaps! 40% of users are teenagers. It’s an addictive way of marketing and advertising among young generation. Content created by Snapchat is easy to understand, convincing and able to give your brand an unique overview.

10. Visual Content Creation Tools

Many tools can help you to create viral articles. If you search, you will find these names regarding content creation tools as follows:

Canva- create images quickly

Be Funky- upload pictures, edit and save, no requirement to sign in

Snappa- image design tool that produces stunning images, able to sync social media marketing

Skitch- customize image and screenshot routines

Haiku Deck- generate presentations and start up designs online

Picmonkey- edit old and new photos, add texture, sticker, marker, create collages

Also, take a look at visual content booking tools:

Hootsuite- plan and manage your posts for your social media networks

MavSocial- publish your visual content across just about all traditional social networks

Viraltag- share images on various social media networks

Pinterest- a must-have platform for your visual content

Vine- highlight your personality by every single loop of video clip

Sendible- schedule, pull comments from different social sites and respond from one place to all

Additional Ideas

Choose color which fit your platform and content

Give a professional touch by using collage photo or grid style

Use photo filter for making your post more recognizable (it’s better if you always use the same filter)

Make your post colorful to trigger emotions

Ensure that you have strong CTA button in your write-up

Create your unique landing page

Wrapping up

Survey says we can remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what read and many of these of what we notice and do. So before you invest in your marketing and advertising rethink your ideas and spice up strategies.

Visual content is very powerful to drive your traffic. Apply techniques according to your site and specialized niche. Get ready to meet your passionate audience!

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