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ClickMSG Review - Summary


  • Product: ClickMSG
  • Vendor: Brad Stephens el al
  • Official Website:
  • Launch Day: 2017 - 01 - 06 At 11: 00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27 - $197
  • Niche: Computer software


- What is it?

ClickMSG is a fantastic new ad format of Facebook - 'Messenger' that Anyone who clicks on your ad will get a personal message right in their inbox. With ClickMSG technology, you can send anything, including coupons, images, custom call to actions, sales pitches all in the same meaning. Not only that, you can even ask your prospect questions, and present them options or even perform surveys. All from the inside Facebook messenger!
ClickMSG is Killer Facebook Advertisings Technology
More Conversions, fully Viewership
Reach Every Person Who Clicks On The Ad
Send Any Articles or Links You Desire
Conduct Surveys, Start Interactions With Clients
No Repeating Expenditure, No Extra Costs On Facebook
Attract more Money From Every Click, totally New & Fresh Technology


ClickMSG Review - The Features


Here's Some Powerfull Features of ClickMSG
Type & Create Graphical Messenger Ads - Just type out a few quick details and create your messenger ad without the coding knowledge or knowing JSON whatsoever.
Live Preview - Observe how your advertising will look on the screen of your leads complete with your picked image and options. Work together with simple visuals not complicated and headache-inducing codes and syntax.
Save & Get Ads Anytime - Preserve the advertising you create and retrieve them if you want. Modify them, or generate JSON from them in seconds.
Easy To Use SAAS - Actually a 10 year old can master this program and create effective messenger ads. You'll be up and running soon..

ClickMSG Review - Why Should You Put it to use?

With ClickMSG you can just simply type and create Facebook Messenger advertisings the way you are being used to. You even get a live critique on the side, much like what Facebook shows you. ClickMSG is so easy that anyone can do it. Even a newbie with minimum exposure to Facebook ads. All you need is your fantastic marketing brain, and likely to be pulling in more dollars than your entire opponents in no time at all.
Brings Facebook Messenger Ads as part of your grasp.
Give a brand new kind of individualized message to anyone that clicks on your Facebook . com advertisings (forget uninteresting text-only messages)
Promote offers, online coupons, grab leads, make sales pitches, or whatever else you want.
This kind of is the ONLY APPROACH to create graphical Messenger advertising with an image, call to action, and even reply options!
Prospective customers get a custom-made instant message right inside of their Facebook inbox as soon as they click on your Facebook advertisement.
100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. No possibility of account getting suspended.
ClickMSG is going to change your Facebook marketing destiny. It doesn't subject at what level you are at Facebook Advertising, this is one technology and one product you absolutely need today…
Hardly ever Placed a Facebook Advertisement? - You're losing on the most powerful & profitable traffic source. Right now get a quick leg-up into the profit area with this new technology.
Facebook Advertiser Struggling With Profitability - The most profitable marketers are those who embrace innovation. This kind of is the latest and the most compelling Fb ad tech. Use it today and get an edge.
Successful Facebook Marketer - Binders are loaded with stories of marketers who didn't adapt and were driven out from the market by change. Did you just watch the biggest Facebook advertising revolution go by?

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